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The Spring Pantone Color Report

spring pantone color reportWhere do you get your inspiration? The color experts at the Pantone Institute are well known for their annual, highly-anticipated color report. The list of the top 10 trending colors for the following year is compiled by watching the choices of the fashion designers for their upcoming collections. These colors have been proven to be influential not only in fashion but in areas as diverse as home decor, accessories, and wedding planning. Out of the ten top trending colors, one is chosen as the Color of the Year – and for 2017, the hottest color is Greenery.

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The Perfect Wedding Proposal Flowers

proposal s

A wedding proposal is one of the most memorable events in your life, a story you will tell to family and friends for years to come. Some people opt for elaborate and extravagant productions to pop the question. Others choose a more simple and traditional approach. Whatever your proposal style, and however you choose to ask the question, s should be an integral part of the plan. At City Line Florist,  we’ve worked side-by-side with hundreds of Trumbull area couples, and have seen some creative ways to incorporate proposal s. How can we help you to begin your wedding journey beautifully?
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Trending Now – Metallic Details for your Wedding

metallic wedding detailsFrom invitations shining with glitter to mixed-metal place settings, metallics continue to be a popular trend in wedding planning.  But unlike trends that come and go, this one doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum – most likely because metallic wedding details beautifully compliment any color palette and style of wedding.  When planning a wedding, incorporating metals is the perfect way to add unique and memorable details. And in Trumbull and the surrounding areas, the place to call for the most exquisite wedding florals is City Line Florist.
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Creating Orchid Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

orchid bouquets
You are planning your wedding day, and you dream it will be perfect. From styling your hair to walking down the aisle; from the guest welcome table to the three-tiered cake – the s you choose will go a long way to setting the ambiance and mood of the day. Romance, elegance, joyfulness or luxury, wedding florals are powerful in their ability to convey your heart. And the wedding consultants at City Line Florist are the perfect partners for creating the wedding florals you envision. This year, orchid bouquets and wedding florals continue to be one of the most romantic and exotic choices for your special day.

orchid bouquets

The diversity that the orchid offers – in both color and style – allow you to design very personal one of a kind bouquets, aisle arrangements, ceremony s, centerpieces, and venue decor. One of the hottest trending orchid choices this year is the green cymbidium orchid, whose exquisite color is adorning bridal bouquets from Trumbull to Fairfield. Not only does this beautiful pair exceptionally well with succulents, it takes on an ethereal and romantic air when designed alongside pink and white roses, hydrangea or calla lilies.



orchid bouquets and wedding s

Because of their vast array of colors, orchids can be used throughout your wedding day without using the exact same s.  Staying within the pink and green color scheme, this cake presents a delicate cascade of pink cymbidium orchids instead of green, creating a subtle but beautiful variation.

Dendrobium, phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids each create their own aesthetic; while mokara and vanda orchids are less requested but nonetheless beautiful.  If you love the idea of an orchid wedding but aren’t sure which are right for you, simply call City Line Florist for a consultation with one of our expert wedding designers.  We will show you the difference between the varieties and work with you to create orchid bouquets and wedding s that both fit your budget and your dream. After all, you want your wedding day to be perfect, start to finish. So do we.

Summertime Holiday Wedding Plans

holiday weddingWe are in the middle of long, hot summer days, and talking about the holidays seems a little out of place. But if you are planning a holiday wedding, experts say that this the perfect time to select a florist and begin to decide on the s for your special day. But before you assume that all florists can do the job equally, understand that not all florists routinely help to coordinate successful wedding events, or have the experience you will need to stage a wedding during one of the busiest times of the year for events and parties.

holiday wedding

Most florists require a few weeks to a month to plan for wedding s, but we say its never too early to start planning especially in the busy season. This will ensure that not only does she have beautiful s she will love, but that they are appropriate for the season, the venue and her budget. Holiday weddings are considered ones which take place in the period between Thanksgiving weekend and extending through the New Year. This time of year is spectacular for magical, shimmering weddings – but also pose some challenges. Venues, caterers, and florists will all be booked early for these times, so it is imperative that a bride takes care of these decisions early on. Also, because not all s are available in the winter, brainstorming with a professional wedding designer now will allow brides to experiment with alternatives and ideas to make sure the bouquets and arrangements are just as she dreamed.

Choosing true seasonal s- such as poinsettias – is a wonderful way to infuse the spirit of the holidays into your celebration. However, any palette of reds and whites is most popular for winter weddings. Flowers such as red roses, calla lilies, amaryllis work wonderfully, especially paired with winter greenery and evergreen foliage. They are also often accented with metallics, crystals, and shining ornaments. Adding natural details such as holly berries, evergreen boughs, and natural sticks result in a lovely winter centerpiece; add flickering candlelight or a glowing lantern for warmth and ambiance.

holiday weddingThere is still time to plan for the perfect holiday wedding, but don’t wait any longer. Schedule an appointment with a wedding coordinator at City Line Florist – then gather your venue information and color swatches! We look forward to helping you plan the most amazing holiday wedding that Trumbull has ever seen.

Professional Expertise For Your Stunning Summer Wedding

summer weddingWe live in a world of mobile apps and online transactions. We like to click a few buttons and get all the information we need. This mentality has crept into all aspects of our lives, and in many ways has made our lives better. But when planning a wedding, the best way to gain information and make decisions is still the old fashioned way. While seeking out the lowest price may seem like a smart way to plan a wedding, it ignores many of the most important aspects of seeing your dream wedding come to life.

When it comes to choosing the right wedding s for your special day, the face-to-face connection with a professional floral designer is an invaluable asset. Leona is one of City Line’s expert wedding consultants and considers her role in the bride’s decision making to be all important. “I think our professional expertise provided during a consultation is the greatest value our designers can provide,” she shares. “It gives us the ability to find out what the bride desires and expects so that we can customize the floral presentations to exceed those expectations.”

Price shopping by bid will not result in vendors striving to exceed your expectations, but to provide only what is requested at the lowest possible price. You will lose professional expertise – which may, in fact, cost you more money! How is that possible? Often a bride will ask for a specific that may be out of season, or very expensive. When a designer understands the bride’s desires, budget, and personality, they are free to make recommendations that will result in the same luxurious look and feel, but at a more affordable price.

Leona believes that great service begins with caring about each bride’s special day, and guiding her to make great floral choices that are right for her on all levels. This is why choosing a florist should be an effort that places an emphasis on service, integrity, and creativity. This choice should not be a purely financial decision, even though the right florist will take budget into consideration. ” My goal as consultant is to allow my brides to custom design their dream s, but with my expertise to guide them along the way. I love my brides. It is important that they are thrilled with their wedding s.”

Leona’s love for her job and her clients is something that the lowest-cost bidder cannot provide. If you are looking for stunning wedding bouquets and arrangements while staying within a budget, your best choice is to stop by City Line Florist to meet Leona or one of our other expert floral designers. Because your wedding s are too important to cut corners.

Traditional Roles for Moms in Weddings

traditional rolesAll the planning involved in your wedding day can add up to a lot of stress if you don’t have a plan – and some help! There’s often no one better to offer that help than your Mom. She’s probably anxious to assist with your wedding planning – she’s just waiting for you to ask!
There are many things that are considered traditional roles for your mother to play in the wedding planning process. For instance, consider planning a special day with her to help shop for your wedding dress., which is a customary event for mother and daughter. She’s is also often expected to help pick out the vendors for the day. It will be necessary to coordinate with photographers, musicians, venue contacts, caterers and of course, your florist – so, let Mom help by being your go-to contact.

Don’t Forget! City Line Florist has assisted hundreds of Trumbull couples with their wedding s – we can provide bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony s, altar arrangements and centerpieces!

When you request information or proposals, let Mom collect them and review them so you can focus on other things. Besides, if your parents are paying, or helping to pay for the wedding, she will want to help with the budgeting for these things.

Traditionally, your mother will help you to prepare the guest list for your side of the family, and she can also help coordinate with the groom’s family to compile their list. Also, although your bridal party will likely be planning a shower, don’t leave Mom out. She can help pull off a successful party, and she will have lots of fun trivia for games! In the end, remember that your mother is probably almost as excited about you getting married as you are. Letting her get involved in the planning and decision-making process will make it an even more special time for you both.

City Line Florist – Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsWhen planning a wedding, there are many traditions and rituals that we hold dear – but usually we have no idea where they originated. From the proposal to the bridal party; the ring to the cutting of the cake – this day is full of customs that have surprising beginnings.

The proposal starts the entire process, but marriage proposals in medieval times looked very different than our modern ones. In that era, a suitor would leave a hawthorn branch on the doorstep or his beloved. If she left the branch there, she was accepting his proposal, If she replaced it with of all things, a cauli – her answer was no. In other cultures, the prospective husband didn’t ask at all. Instead, he would send his family members to speak to his chosen bride. However, if along the road they met a monk or a pregnant woman, they returned home; these meetings were considered a bad omen dooming the marriage.

wedding traditionsIf the bride accepted the proposal, but her father disapproved; he would often withhold her dowry. In these cases, her friends would step in and provide her with gifts and money to replace the dowry – the “shower of gifts” turning into our traditional bridal shower. The bridal party itself has a slightly morbid history. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were chosen to surround the bride and groom on their wedding day to keep them safe from kidnappers and thieves.

wedding traditionsBecause eating together is considered ritualistic in many cultures, the simple act of eating a wedding cake still comprises the entire marriage ceremony in some island nations. The tradition of a tiered wedding cake was though to have begun in England many centuries ago, when guests would bring small cakes and buns as gifts for the bride and groom. These offerings were piled between the couple; and if they could lean across the mound and kiss it was considered good luck.

However you choose to celebrate, City Line Florist is the florist of choice in Trumbull and surrounding areas. We have helped hundreds of couples follow old wedding traditions and start their own new traditions – from bridal bouquets to centerpieces, how can we help you?

City Line Florist – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsCouples love to get married in the summer. Warm weather, sunny blue skies and lazy days make for memorable ceremonies. When a bride and groom choose to have an outdoor event during this time of year – which in Trumbull can mean temperatures into the high 80’s – there are many things to consider to keep things cool throughout the day.

Summer wedding planners may wish to consider ceremonies that occur late afternoon to early evening, when the sun is not so high in the sky. Although it will still be warm, and there will still be plenty of sunlight, it is definitely a cooler time of day. When arranging seating for the ceremony, couples should be aware of the positioning of the sun, and make sure that guests are not looking directing into the sun as it lowers to the horizon.

summer weddingsSome s do better than others in the heat; orchids and roses, as seen in this bridal bouquet, are two of the more popular and hardy hot weather choices. Others include calla lilies, and the fiery celosia and lisianthus blooms.

When planning the details of the day, keep the bright sun of the day in mind. If you will be taking photos earlier in the day, prior to the ceremony, you may wish to have two sets of bouquets – after hours in the heat, s will start wilting, and no one wants to walk down the aisle with a droopy floral arrangement. If you will have s as décor at an outdoor wedding, always make sure that they have plenty of water; like these aisle s arranged in bowls of water. You may wish to appoint someone to refill water once or twice to ensure that your s stay well hydrated.

summer weddingsSpeaking of being well hydrated, keep your guests cool by passing around cool and refreshing drinks prior to the ceremony; thematic containers of ice and cold drinks will go a long way to making sure your guests are comfortable.

Here is a list of some popular wedding reception venues that we will be at this Summer:

As Trumbull’s premier wedding florist, City Line Florist has helped stage hundreds of summer ceremonies; we look forward to helping you plan your special day as well. From ceremony floral arrangements to centerpieces and bridal bouquets, City Line Florist is your summertime wedding source.