City Line Florist – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsCouples love to get married in the summer. Warm weather, sunny blue skies and lazy days make for memorable ceremonies. When a bride and groom choose to have an outdoor event during this time of year – which in Trumbull can mean temperatures into the high 80’s – there are many things to consider to keep things cool throughout the day.

Summer wedding planners may wish to consider ceremonies that occur late afternoon to early evening, when the sun is not so high in the sky. Although it will still be warm, and there will still be plenty of sunlight, it is definitely a cooler time of day. When arranging seating for the ceremony, couples should be aware of the positioning of the sun, and make sure that guests are not looking directing into the sun as it lowers to the horizon.

summer weddingsSome s do better than others in the heat; orchids and roses, as seen in this bridal bouquet, are two of the more popular and hardy hot weather choices. Others include calla lilies, and the fiery celosia and lisianthus blooms.

When planning the details of the day, keep the bright sun of the day in mind. If you will be taking photos earlier in the day, prior to the ceremony, you may wish to have two sets of bouquets – after hours in the heat, s will start wilting, and no one wants to walk down the aisle with a droopy floral arrangement. If you will have s as décor at an outdoor wedding, always make sure that they have plenty of water; like these aisle s arranged in bowls of water. You may wish to appoint someone to refill water once or twice to ensure that your s stay well hydrated.

summer weddingsSpeaking of being well hydrated, keep your guests cool by passing around cool and refreshing drinks prior to the ceremony; thematic containers of ice and cold drinks will go a long way to making sure your guests are comfortable.

Here is a list of some popular wedding reception venues that we will be at this Summer:

As Trumbull’s premier wedding florist, City Line Florist has helped stage hundreds of summer ceremonies; we look forward to helping you plan your special day as well. From ceremony floral arrangements to centerpieces and bridal bouquets, City Line Florist is your summertime wedding source.