City Line Florist – Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsWhen planning a wedding, there are many traditions and rituals that we hold dear – but usually we have no idea where they originated. From the proposal to the bridal party; the ring to the cutting of the cake – this day is full of customs that have surprising beginnings.

The proposal starts the entire process, but marriage proposals in medieval times looked very different than our modern ones. In that era, a suitor would leave a hawthorn branch on the doorstep or his beloved. If she left the branch there, she was accepting his proposal, If she replaced it with of all things, a cauli – her answer was no. In other cultures, the prospective husband didn’t ask at all. Instead, he would send his family members to speak to his chosen bride. However, if along the road they met a monk or a pregnant woman, they returned home; these meetings were considered a bad omen dooming the marriage.

wedding traditionsIf the bride accepted the proposal, but her father disapproved; he would often withhold her dowry. In these cases, her friends would step in and provide her with gifts and money to replace the dowry – the “shower of gifts” turning into our traditional bridal shower. The bridal party itself has a slightly morbid history. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were chosen to surround the bride and groom on their wedding day to keep them safe from kidnappers and thieves.

wedding traditionsBecause eating together is considered ritualistic in many cultures, the simple act of eating a wedding cake still comprises the entire marriage ceremony in some island nations. The tradition of a tiered wedding cake was though to have begun in England many centuries ago, when guests would bring small cakes and buns as gifts for the bride and groom. These offerings were piled between the couple; and if they could lean across the mound and kiss it was considered good luck.

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