Traditional Roles for Moms in Weddings

traditional rolesAll the planning involved in your wedding day can add up to a lot of stress if you don’t have a plan – and some help! There’s often no one better to offer that help than your Mom. She’s probably anxious to assist with your wedding planning – she’s just waiting for you to ask!
There are many things that are considered traditional roles for your mother to play in the wedding planning process. For instance, consider planning a special day with her to help shop for your wedding dress., which is a customary event for mother and daughter. She’s is also often expected to help pick out the vendors for the day. It will be necessary to coordinate with photographers, musicians, venue contacts, caterers and of course, your florist – so, let Mom help by being your go-to contact.

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When you request information or proposals, let Mom collect them and review them so you can focus on other things. Besides, if your parents are paying, or helping to pay for the wedding, she will want to help with the budgeting for these things.

Traditionally, your mother will help you to prepare the guest list for your side of the family, and she can also help coordinate with the groom’s family to compile their list. Also, although your bridal party will likely be planning a shower, don’t leave Mom out. She can help pull off a successful party, and she will have lots of fun trivia for games! In the end, remember that your mother is probably almost as excited about you getting married as you are. Letting her get involved in the planning and decision-making process will make it an even more special time for you both.