Professional Expertise For Your Stunning Summer Wedding

summer weddingWe live in a world of mobile apps and online transactions. We like to click a few buttons and get all the information we need. This mentality has crept into all aspects of our lives, and in many ways has made our lives better. But when planning a wedding, the best way to gain information and make decisions is still the old fashioned way. While seeking out the lowest price may seem like a smart way to plan a wedding, it ignores many of the most important aspects of seeing your dream wedding come to life.

When it comes to choosing the right wedding s for your special day, the face-to-face connection with a professional floral designer is an invaluable asset. Leona is one of City Line’s expert wedding consultants and considers her role in the bride’s decision making to be all important. “I think our professional expertise provided during a consultation is the greatest value our designers can provide,” she shares. “It gives us the ability to find out what the bride desires and expects so that we can customize the floral presentations to exceed those expectations.”

Price shopping by bid will not result in vendors striving to exceed your expectations, but to provide only what is requested at the lowest possible price. You will lose professional expertise – which may, in fact, cost you more money! How is that possible? Often a bride will ask for a specific that may be out of season, or very expensive. When a designer understands the bride’s desires, budget, and personality, they are free to make recommendations that will result in the same luxurious look and feel, but at a more affordable price.

Leona believes that great service begins with caring about each bride’s special day, and guiding her to make great floral choices that are right for her on all levels. This is why choosing a florist should be an effort that places an emphasis on service, integrity, and creativity. This choice should not be a purely financial decision, even though the right florist will take budget into consideration. ” My goal as consultant is to allow my brides to custom design their dream s, but with my expertise to guide them along the way. I love my brides. It is important that they are thrilled with their wedding s.”

Leona’s loveĀ for her job and her clients is something that the lowest-cost bidder cannot provide. If you are looking for stunning wedding bouquets and arrangements while staying within a budget, your best choice is to stop by City Line Florist to meet Leona or one of our other expert floral designers. Because your wedding s are too important to cut corners.