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Creating Orchid Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

orchid bouquets
You are planning your wedding day, and you dream it will be perfect. From styling your hair to walking down the aisle; from the guest welcome table to the three-tiered cake – the s you choose will go a long way to setting the ambiance and mood of the day. Romance, elegance, joyfulness or luxury, wedding florals are powerful in their ability to convey your heart. And the wedding consultants at City Line Florist are the perfect partners for creating the wedding florals you envision. This year, orchid bouquets and wedding florals continue to be one of the most romantic and exotic choices for your special day.

orchid bouquets

The diversity that the orchid offers – in both color and style – allow you to design very personal one of a kind bouquets, aisle arrangements, ceremony s, centerpieces, and venue decor. One of the hottest trending orchid choices this year is the green cymbidium orchid, whose exquisite color is adorning bridal bouquets from Trumbull to Fairfield. Not only does this beautiful pair exceptionally well with succulents, it takes on an ethereal and romantic air when designed alongside pink and white roses, hydrangea or calla lilies.



orchid bouquets and wedding s

Because of their vast array of colors, orchids can be used throughout your wedding day without using the exact same s.  Staying within the pink and green color scheme, this cake presents a delicate cascade of pink cymbidium orchids instead of green, creating a subtle but beautiful variation.

Dendrobium, phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids each create their own aesthetic; while mokara and vanda orchids are less requested but nonetheless beautiful.  If you love the idea of an orchid wedding but aren’t sure which are right for you, simply call City Line Florist for a consultation with one of our expert wedding designers.  We will show you the difference between the varieties and work with you to create orchid bouquets and wedding s that both fit your budget and your dream. After all, you want your wedding day to be perfect, start to finish. So do we.