Engaged Over New Year’s? What Now?

new year's engagementGetting engaged is one of the most exciting days in the lives of countless people. It is the first step towards making a lifelong commitment to that special someone who swept you off your feet. Once the question has been popped, however, comes the thrill and stress of wedding planning. Whether the couple has a couple of months or a couple of years to put it all together, it can seem overwhelming the sheer number of decisions that will need to be made. Fortunately, there are some key questions that can help guide the rest of the process along.

The importance of your wedding colors

Colors can help guide numerous decisions for the rest of the wedding. Once the bride has her colors, she will generally know what color she wants the dresses for those in the wedding party. Table linens, s and other decorations will be easily selected based upon these colors as well.

How to choose wedding colors

There are a few different places that couples might look for inspiration about their wedding colors. Consider the mood and atmosphere that the couple wants for the wedding. Those who want a more formal occasion might choose bolder, more elegant colors– perhaps even a black and white theme. Those who want to create a lighter, fresh atmosphere, such as one associated with the outdoors or spring, might enjoy using plenty of green throughout the bouquets and dresses.

new year's engagement

It is also important to take into consideration the season and the location of the wedding. Those having an indoor wedding want to check the lighting of their venue to make sure that certain colors do not blend into the background, reducing their impact. Those having an outdoor wedding in the summer, however, might enjoy more pastel colors. Light pink hydrangeas and petals as decorations, for example, can be beautiful and help to create the setting of the couple’s dreams.

It is also always important for couples to consider if they have any mementos or decorations that they want to incorporate into the wedding, such as an heirloom. Make sure that the colors allow any special pieces to stand out appropriately and look fabulous.

Once the question is asked, it is time to celebrate and then start planning. Choosing the wedding colors can go a long way in helping couples plan for the big day. Select colors that fit the type of wedding desired by the couple and trust us City Line Florist to help you bring it to life in s.


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